Bouncy Oakley

Oakley was a persistently bouncy Goldendoodle who transformed into a polite, patient boy with visitor manners training. 

Visitor Greetings

We are at the very last step of Oakley’s Sit to Greet and Sit for Patting plans.  This is a big challenge! It’s when we work on “Cold Trials” – real life visits by a new person out of the blue, not when he’s already warmed up to the person.

We can only get 1 per person per session, so this is something we’ll definitely transfer over for you to practice, too.

In order to get paid (treats and petting), Oakley must sit as soon as the visitor arrives and stay sitting while being patted.

Oakley was ready and waiting for me – he knows the drill well and got 3 in a row slam-dunked. He sat very nicely and patiently for his greeting. He is even auto-sitting, which means he is sitting as soon as he realizes I am coming inside, and I don’t have to ask him to.  This will be the goal for all greetings.

He did bounce on my assistant – only twice, and he immediately lost the chance to greet her (she went back outside) – then realized he needs to be polite for her, too!

We are adding in a “Go Say Hi” to give him permission to greet and a come when called away from visitors too, so you have the option of letting him say hi or keeping him away from a guest (see in video).

Overall Oakley is doing superb with this. His 2 jumping triggers that I have noticed outside of greetings are:

  • fast motion – if someone runs by him quickly
  • standing up again after patting him

We’ll continue to work on those jumping triggers.

Front Door Stay

We didn’t get a picture of this but wow, Oakley did a GREAT job!  Right now, he will sit-stay in the living room for up to 30 seconds after the doorbell rings while I answer the door and talk to someone outside.

Come when Called Inside

Last, we spent a lot of time working on his come when called in the back door.

First, we did our distraction exercises over a short distance, from outside to inside.

Distract the dog…

Call the dog…

Get the behavior…

Then, the distraction comes to the dog!

We then repeated the same thing from out in the yard.  This was harder, but Oakley got it!



Oakley is ready to transfer the next steps of his visitor manners and come when called program.