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Our professional behavior and training services will help you achieve:

• Canine Manners  •Quality Time  •Stress Reduction  •Child Safety  •Family Fun

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boxer_puppy_trainingBehavior Solutions

Does your dog jump on people, pull on the leash, refuse to come when called, or lack other basic manners? Lower your stress with our affordable canine Manners School. Our real-world obedience lessons help build well-behaved dogs. Classes are enrolling now!

Need custom-fit solutions? With one-on-one training we will build a personalized training program to help you solve problem behaviors and install good manners.

saint_bernard_puppyEffective Methods

Our training is fun and easy for the entire family. You’ll get the results you need by using dog-friendly, reward-based techniques.

We promise never to use painful methods or intimidation to force obedience. Instead, you will gain compliance from your dog by teaching him to want to work for you!

Why does transparency matter? Aren’t all dog trainers the same? No! Here’s an important message for anyone considering purchasing dog training services.

collie_and_childDog & Child Experts

As the only dog and child behavior specialists in Wichita, we offer family education presentations and in-home specialty services for families with children. We can help you solve or prevent conflicts. Just call us the the family dog one-stop shop!

Our lead trainer is a mother of 4 and a licensed presenter of the internationally recognized Dogs & Storks® and Dogs & Toddlers® programs, developed by Family Paws Parent Education.

Qualified Trainers

Our owner Kathrine has been a professional trainer for over a decade. She holds a B.A. in Psychology and is an Honors graduate of the Academy for Dog Trainers, a rigorous 2-year program. She hand-selected our training team based on their education, skills, and ability to assist clients with warmth and empathy. In a field with no entry-level requirements, our lead trainers have all passed structured courses of study in dog training. We are ready and able to help your family achieve success!

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