Tess the Terrific

This clever Rottweiler was a manners student who went from rowdy to responsive with just the jumpstart package. What a dog!

Tess is doing a magnificent job!  On her owner-absent day, we worked hard on all her foundation behaviors.  Here’s a snapshot of her progress:

Recall practice from the front door: 

And from the back door:

Sit stays across the room:

Sit stay for patting – what a happy dog!

Down stay while the front door is opened and closed:

Down stay distractions!  Moving around the house, racing toy cars around, running, opening the fridge, opening a new bag of treats, singing, talking and more!  She is learning to stick her down stays no matter what is going on.

She will also stay down even if I sit, even though she REALLY wants to come get cuddled!

We got through the 2 minute down stay session with NO ERRORS!  She even totally relaxed and flopped over patiently.

The stays outside are looking pretty good, too 🙂

Tess, COME!

We also practice random Sits and Downs outside, and she is pretty reliable around the property.

Tess did NOT LIKE THE LONG LINE!! She would barely move with it on.  So I took it off.

We did just a little practice with the leash so she would not look so, so sad when it is clipped on! She is starting to learn that leashes do not eat poor innocent Rottweiler puppies.

Tess had a great day and is doing absolutely stellar on all her behaviors.  She is ready for a final transfer session & work around kids.