Community Outreach

Wichita’s Dog Professionals


As the top local experts on dog behavior and training, we are thrilled that the Wichita community can benefit from our knowledge. We’ve served on city boards, donated time and services to local non-profits, and remain committed to improving the lives of dogs and their owners in Wichita.

Our outreach ranges from seminars that help kids and dogs stay safe to partnering with the veterinary community and other local professionals. If you’re interested in having a professional trainer speak to your organization, we’re the ones to call!


Our Partners

We are proud to partner with the following organizations through various outreach programs.

Our Community Programs

Family Paws® Education Programs
Preparing ahead for life with young kids and dogs can make the difference between confidence and chaos. We can help! Learn more about our seminars to help new parents with dogs be successful.
Public Speaking & Professional Education
The secret is out - dog trainers are really people trainers, and we excel at it! We offer topical seminars to the public as well as staff training and workshops for other pet services organizations.
Pet Professional Alliance of Wichita
It's hard to know who to trust! So we founded a group of local pet service providers like pet sitters, trainers, groomers, and veterinarians dedicated to professional, humane care of your beloved pets.
Veterinary Behavioral Wellness
We offer vet clinics the opportunity to participate in our behavior wellness program. We provide free presentations on behavior topics, new client folders, handouts, and a client discount.

Our head trainer Kathrine Christ is a licensed Family Paws Parent Educator and mother of 4 children and 3 dogs. We help parents navigate these sometimes chaotic years. Attend a seminar we host or request a presentation for a church group or community organization.

Pricing Options
Per-person: $40/couple or $30/individual
Seminar package: $150 (unlimited enrollees)

We don’t have any Family Paws seminars on the calendar right now, but if you’re interested or would like to arrange a seminar for your group, please email us.

Family Paws® Programs

Dogs & Storks®

Got dogs? Expecting a baby? You need Dogs & Storks®! This 2 hour seminar will cover all of the vital information dog owners need to know to smooth their transition from families with fur-babies to families with dogs and children.

Learn whether or not your dog needs to sniff baby’s blanket, what kinds of household changes you may need to make ahead of time, and how to safely introduce your dog to his or her new human sibling. Join us for this fun and educational seminar and you will feel confident and prepared to bring home baby.


Dogs & Toddlers™

Toddlers and tantrums and terriers, oh my! Fostering a good relationship between dogs and young children depends on lots of hands-on parenting, understanding dog body language, and creating an environment that sets everyone up for success.

In this 2 hour seminar you will learn how to identify potential problem spots in your home, how to teach your child safe touches to dogs, how to communicate better with your dog so you can keep him in his kiddie comfort zone, and more.



Our seminar and staff training rate is $80/hour
Setup, breakdown, and handouts are included at no additional fee. We can provide a projector and screen.

Canine Education Programs

Looking for a speaker to delight and inform your event attendees? We offer fun and interactive topical presentations about dogs & animal behavior.

Our current presentations include:

  • Welcome Home! Adding a newly adopted dog to your family
  • Oh, Behave: Why animals do what they do, and how to game the system
  • Puppy Socialization 101: Raising your puppy to be the best she can be
  • Family Paws® Parent Education seminars (details above)

We are happy to add additional topics, so get in touch if you have a great idea and need a dog expert.

We offer one-time workshops and multi-session courses to animal rescues, vet clinics, and other pet service businesses on how to train, handle, and manage dog behavior.

Workshop topics include:

  • Dog Body Language & Communication
  • Off Leash Group Play Management
  • Assessing Fear & Aggression
  • Solving Behavior Problems
  • Basic Training & Dog Wrangling Skills
  • Best Practices for Raising Puppies

Our expertise includes all aspects of dog behavior and training, so if you need help with a topic not listed here or want a comprehensive program, we can develop a course for your team at an additional fee.

Would your team know what to do in an emergency?

In this 5.5 hour course, students will learn the latest veterinarian-approved pet First Aid and CPR protocols including:

  • snout-to-tail wellness and trauma assessment
  • how to check a dog’s vitals
  • emergency restraining and muzzling
  • rescue breathing
  • choking management
  • fractures, bleeding & shock management
  • care for heatstroke, frostbite, poisoning, and seizures
  • handling snakebites and insect bites & stings
  • senior pet care

Your course fee includes a 40+ page handbook.  Attendees will receive a certificate.

Email Doreen for more information including pricing and scheduling. Pricing is restricted by licensing and is per-attendee rather than hourly.

Kathrine Christ
Owner & Head Trainer

International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants

Certified Dog Behavior Consultant

Academy for Dog Trainers

Certificate in Training and Counseling

Fear Free Pets

Certified Fear-Free Professional

Texas A&M University

B.A. Psychology

Professional Experience

14+ years

Vanessa Hajek
Lead Trainer

Karen Pryor Academy

Certified Training Partner

Emporia State University

M.S. Experimental Psychology

Academy for Dog Trainers


Professional Experience

4+ years

Doreen Hardiman
Assistant Trainer

Animal Behavior College

Certified Dog Trainer

PetTech, Inc. 

Certified PetTech Instructor

Academy for Dog Trainers


Professional Experience

5+ years