Here’s what our clients have to say about our training…


Mina is able to go on walks w/o pulling on the leash, is able to greet new people @ the door w/o using her mouth or jumping. She is so much more calm & is now eager to please. I’m extremely happy w/not only Mina but greatful to Kathrine & the effort & care she put into Mina.
Jennifer and Mina


Kathrine is an excellent trainer. She was quick to figure out Max’s trigger points and immediately started working on good training tools to change his behavior to a positive. It is obvious that Kathrine understands dogs and dog behavior. She is also very patient with us humans to learn good behaviors as well. Kathrine is very easy to work with and was flexible with our schedule. The weekly reports and training instructions were very helpful and will be useful to review and continue to reinforce what Kathrine taught both Max and ourselves. Thank you Kathrine… you are the best!!

Rhonda and Max


Dixie LOVED the training sessions and will miss Kathrine. The progress Dixie has made is remarkable. The training far exceeded my expectations and was more than worth the time and money. Thank you Kathrine!!! You were awesome!

Lori and Dixie


Kathrine has been a helpful and thoughtful dog trainer for our family! She has assisted us in prioritizing training issues, teaching us and our daughter how to train our dog better (and complete our homework!) as well as trouble shoot bad behaviors. Our dog is not the breed or temper we expected when we rescued her, but Kathrine has helped us start to shape her behavior in to a well mannered family member. If you have a naughty dog, call Kathrine right away! We look forward to more training with Kathrine with our goal of Ruby being a therapy dog. THANK YOU!

Tiffany and Ruby


We started with the puppy class and followed it up immediately with the family dog class. The transition was flawless. Kathrine made each class full yet relaxed. Each class was a stepping stone for the next. The basics were always recapped each class which was great for dog and owners alike. It was as if we took a 5 minute break and stepped right back into the classroom. There was plenty of time to get the verbal information, a demonstration and then for each owner/dog to use the new information. Kathrine was able to give instant feedback on your technique or give an alternate idea to work specifically for your dog. The classes actually felt tailor made for me. Kathrine made herself available after class to answer any questions that I had. I would highly recommend any dog/puppy owner to take these classes.

Lisa and Victor


Kathrine has been great in getting our two Mastiffs to peacefully coexist with our newborn son. Kathrine is very professional, knowledgeable, and provides clear detailed instructions and documentation.

Chuck and Beta & Link


Hands Full Dog Training was an excellent choice for me and my puppy. The Internet is chalk full of articles and videos demonstrating proper dog training but they all left me thinking, “what about MY dog?” Kathrine was very knowledgeable about “dos and don’ts” and how to properly execute them and, more specifically, how to make them work for YOUR dog. We were able to experience plenty of social interaction while learning worthwhile skills. I definitely recommend Kathrine and Hands Full Dog Training!

Pete and Leeloo


We are thrilled to be able to offer a positive, real world based form of training to our clients as well as all dog owners.  We have had enthusiastic feedback from clients and are certain Ms. Christ will be a significant resource for all of Wichita’s dog owner population in the future.  Hand Full Dog Training offers a unique view on how to create a harmonious bond between dogs and families that will last a lifetime.

Julie Breault, Practice Manager, Heartland Animal Hospital


I have worked with Kathrine in several dog training environments, including formal dog training classes she has instructed and more informal behavior training with a number of foster dogs in a rescue program. Kathrine has a relaxed and patient teaching approach, that keeps dogs and owners alike, calm and having fun. She teaches useful training techniques and behavioral guides that are compatible to your every day life. Basically, she makes training comfortable, so that the furry and not so furry members of your house can live as a happy family.

Blair and Colby


Kathrine did a fantastic job of helping me communicate with my dog, Skylar, during a Canine Good Citizen Class. Skylar, being a dachshund, didn’t really have a need for many commands so we came in rather unprepared. Kathrine was very patient and great about teaching Skylar and I to work together using clicker training and positive reinforcement. It was a FANTASTIC bonding experience for Skylar and I and we both learned some useful things along the way that we still use. Both Skylar & I always had such a great time in class! If you’re looking for a patient and loving dog trainer, Kathrine is the one!

Alexi and Skylar


My Siberian Husky, Willie, was enrolled in a basic obedience class taught by Kathrine in 2009. Willie was a recently rescued one year old with absolutely no training whatsoever. Kathrine was patient with all of the dogs (and humans) and seemed to intuitively know what each dog needed. The class itself was a comfortable size and I left feeling like everything we learned was something I would and could follow through with long term. I highly recommend Kathrine as a trainer.

Denise and Willie


Kathrine is an excellent trainer and has helped me with a couple of my dogs. I love the positive training methods she uses such as clicker training and rewarding good behavior with a simple treat. She breaks down training into small steps so that the dog and owner understands what’s expected. The process is simple and with a little work from you at home it’s amazing how quickly you can change a rowdy puppy into a well trained puppy! I highly recommend her.

Glenda and Rocket


Kathrine is an excellent trainer. She helped me to understand my dog and how to help her overcome her obstacles. I highly recommend the dog training by Kathrine!

Sherry and Bella