Woofy Dog Manners Class

Woofy Dog Manners Class

Woofy Dog Manners Class provides a structured environment tailored to help dogs who are over-excited by other dogs and/or who bark and lunge at other dogs on leash.

We format the class to keep dogs “under threshold”, which means no barking and lunging, while introducing replacement behaviors such as settling on a mat, loose leash walking, and eye contact with the handler.  We then gradually introduce exposure to other dogs at a level your dog can continue to be successful.

Each class session enrolls only 4 dogs maximum and has a 2:1 dog:instructor ratio for personalized learning.

Class Topics Include:

  • Dog body language & communication
  • Reducing & avoiding triggers
  • Leash handling & dog wrangling skills
  • Redirecting – Turn & Go, Hand Target, Find It
  • Refocusing – Name Game
  • Settling – Down, Settle on Mat
  • Coping Skills – Disengage from Triggers
  • Walking Skills – Loose Leash Walk


Dogs over 6 months old

Vaccination requirements:

  • Distemper
  • Parvo
  • Rabies
  • Bordetella (within prior 6 months)


My dog reacts to people/cats/cars...

This class is not appropriate for dogs with human-directed aggression, and the training setups are specifically targeted at addressing dog-dog issues.


Wow, you can really fix this problem in one class?

We wish, but no! This class is geared toward giving you the skills you need to help your dog on his or her journey to feeling more calm and comfortable around other dogs.

Please understand this class is not intended to fully resolve a complex behavior issue, but to offer a place to learn the mechanics of training a reactive dog, as well as practice some basic exercises with guidance from professional trainers.


My dog fights at daycare/the dog park/with my dogs, will this help?

The goal of Woofy Dog class is to improve leash manners around other dogs, not to work on off-leash play or social interactions.


My dog is aggressive, can we take this class?

If your dog has ever bitten another dog, this class may be taken with your dog once he is comfortable wearing a muzzle for 1.5 hours.  We can provide guidance, but you need to contact us *before* enrolling.

If your dog has seriously injured or killed another dog, please do not enroll in this class. Your dog needs one-on-one assistance.


My dog is NOT aggressive, just too excited, should we take this class?

Yes! The skills taught in this class are not just for dogs who are angry or upset, but can help over-excited, exuberant dogs learn to calm down and focus around other dogs and people. This is an excellent class for barkers & bouncy dogs who are just a bit “too much” around many other dogs in a group setting, and need a shallower entry into the pool.


Woofy Dog Manners School is $225 and includes:

4 group class sessions (one humans-only)

1 private training session (mandatory)

Training Progression:

  1. First, you’ll attend the first group class and meet the other students. You’ll learn why reactivity occurs, how best to resolve it, how to physically handle a reactive dog, how to prepare for class, and how the group exercises will be run.
  2. Next, we’ll schedule your personalized private lesson and work with you one-on-one to practice some foundation behaviors, check equipment, and coach you on handling your dog.
  3. Last, you’ll attend the three group sessions with your pup to practice the foundation skills around other dogs. There is required homework for this class.

Please note that the 4 group classes are held EVERY OTHER week to give you and your dog time to practice.  Please ensure you will be able to make every class before enrolling, as due to the logistical hurdles we can’t offer makeup lessons for Woofy Dog classes.

This class MUST be purchased as a package. You can enroll below.

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What’s Next?

We highly recommend that Woofy Dog I graduates proceed to Woofy Dog II, a 4-session group class-only program with additional training setups. Woofy Dog II is $150.

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