Puppy Manners Class

Puppy Manners Class

Our flagship program is our Puppy Manners Class. We teach your puppy how to behave politely in real-life situations, including a hands-on training tour of Heartland Animal Hospital. You’ll get an introduction to basic obedience, and we also help you correctly address normal puppy woes like potty training and puppy nipping.

Do you have a sweet, polite little puppy, and you’re not sure if he needs to attend class? He does! Don’t wait until behavior problems surface. Puppies under 5 months old are in a critical stage of development. The things they experience in this time will influence their temperament for the rest of their life. And once they pass this developmental stage, it’s impossible to turn the clock back and have a re-do.

We provide you with urgent information, and your puppy with unique enrichment opportunities, that will help you capitalize on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Your puppy will learn not only how to integrate into your home – he will be “immunized” against behavior problems for years to come. Confident, friendly, polite dogs don’t just happen by accident.  Join us and learn how to raise your puppy to be the best family pup he can be!

There are a lot of options for puppy class! Why Choose Hands Full?

Great question! We are not just your average puppy class, and here’s why:

Start Any Time

Our Manners Classes are Open Enrollment, which means that you can start attending as soon as you complete orientation. You can start your puppy into class within 1-2 weeks instead of waiting weeks at a time for a start date.  

One on One Training

We have an industry-leading 1:3 instructor to dog ratio.  You and your puppy will receive one-on-one attention, and you won’t just be a face in the crowd.  

Real World Manners

We are also much more than a basic obedience class.  Any class can teach your puppy to sit – actually, you can do that at home! At Hands Full classes, your puppies will learn obedience exercises in a way that you can immediately apply into real life. We teach your puppies to lie down and stay politely while being groomed or having their nails trimmed, how to come when called away from and through real life distractions like other dogs, how to stand-stay politely on the scale at the vet, how to sit and stay while kids on scooters zoom by, how to sit for greetings, and more. We focus on real world application, not isolated obedience behaviors.

Fear & Aggression Prevention

Most fear and aggression issues can be prevented by early intervention. Each week, we do an exercise that will help your dog build confidence and trust that will last a lifetime. With our heavy focus on socialization, your puppy will be carefully introduced to new experiences like our puppy teeter totter, ball pit, agility tunnels, and even a vacuum cleaner.  We also offer an extended learning socialization program for homework – you can earn fun prizes for your puppy by going on outings to explore the world. 

Professional & Educated Instructors

Our instruction is top-quality. Our expert instructors have years of experience and formal education in the science of animal training. We use professionally developed learner-oriented curricula designed to help pet dog owners succeed in training. This innovative program is unique and unparalleled in Wichita.

Positive Training

Positive reinforcement training is the most effective and efficient way to build new behaviors. We will never, ever hurt or scare your dog in order to teach him.  Did you know that the use of punishment in training has been linked to increased aggression in dogs? No worries at Hands Full!  Even a novice trainer can achieve excellent results with his or her puppy without ever resorting to physical punishment, and we’ll show you how.

If you’re comparing classes and not sure what methods your potential instructor uses, ask! Here are some red flags:

  • “We are balanced trainers; we use both rewards and corrections” 
  • “We use whatever equipment is needed for your dog”
  • “We make sure your dog knows his place in the pack”

These statements indicate the instructor is willing to physically punish, shock, choke, or scare your dog to show you results. These methods are unnecessary and potentially harmful. The fact is that all dogs can be trained easily and effectively using reward based incentives only.

Class Topics Include:

  • Come when called
  • Accepting handling
  • Loose leash walking
  • Solving puppy nipping
  • Settle on a mat
  • Preventing aggression
  • Sit and Down
  • Off-leash socialization
  • Beginning stay

Class size is limited to 6 dogs. Enroll early to save your spot!

Materials included:

Puppy Training Manual, Treat Pouch and Training Clicker


Puppies 10-16 weeks old on their first day of class (up to 18 weeks for small breeds only). Adolescent dogs over 4 months old should enroll into the Family Dog Manners Class. If you have a rescued dog and are not sure of its approximate age, please ask your veterinarian for an estimate based on your dog’s teeth.

Vaccination requirements:

  • Two distemper and parvo shots
    • the most recent must have been given at least FIVE DAYS prior to the first class
  • Bordetella
Wait! I've heard I should wait until my puppy's shots have been completed!
We respect each veterinarian’s individual recommendation, but we also believe you should know this: experts in the field of veterinary behavior agree that puppies should start puppy class as early as possible. This is because it is impossible to turn the clock back on their critical period of socialization. For more information, please read the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior’s Position Statement on Puppy Socialization.


6 consecutive weeks – $150 (Six 1-hour sessions)

Please Note: If you are registering for your first Puppy Manners class with us, you MUST also register for an Orientation class scheduled before your dog’s first day of class. We do not recommend starting class the same day.

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