Orientation Class

Manners Class Orientation

Our humans-only orientation classes will prepare you to join our open enrollment classes with your dog.

What’s included in orientation?

  • Learn how to set your dog up for success at home, for life
  • Find out how to solve your most urgent behavior issues
  • Introduction to our fun and effective positive reinforcement training methods
  • Receive training materials that are included in your class (if you have pre-registered into the class)

Group orientation

We have two group orientation classes – one for Puppy Manners class and one for Family Dog Manners class. Attending the orientation class is required in order to attend Manners Classes.

Orientations are held on Saturdays and Sundays at 4:30pm.


1 session – $25

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private in-home orientation

Need personalized help along with basic manners? Want to start class ASAP? We’ll come to your home, get you started on solutions, and prep you for class in a 1-hour private session.


$225 for the private lesson + group class

Please  to schedule your private orientation, then you can purchase the package here: Training Packages