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Hands Full Dog Training Manners School

Our Manners School for pet dogs is hosted by Heartland Animal Hospital and Play & Stay

These classes will help your dog become the obedient, polite, and friendly pal that you have always wanted.

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About Our Classes

We offer top-quality training for all ages and breeds of dogs. New puppy? Just adopted a furry friend? Have an older dog who needs a brush-up? We can help!

Your dog will learn to focus on you and to respond to you on cue, and we’ll help you solve any pesky behavior issues. We use dog-friendly positive reinforcement techniques, effective to help any dog become a well-behaved family member.

Why Choose Hands Full?

There’s a lot that makes us different from your average obedience class. First, our Manners Classes are Open Enrollment, which means that you can start attending as soon as you complete orientation – no need to wait weeks at a time for a start date. Everyone learns at their own pace. It’s fun, it’s unique, and best of all it works!

In addition, our industry-leading 1:3 instructor to student ratio allows you one-on-one attention so we can meet your dog’s individual needs; you won’t just be a face in the crowd.  You are even welcome to email your trainer outside of class time to get professional tips on behavior issues or training technique tweaks.

Last, our instruction is top-quality. Our expert instructors have decades of experience with thousands of dogs. We use professionally developed learner-oriented curricula designed to help pet dog owners succeed in training. This innovative program is like none other in Wichita.

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Class List


Our Manners Class orientation will get you started off on the right paw!

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Family Dog Manners Class

Does your adult dog or older puppy need a behavior tune-up? This is the class for you!

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AKC Trick Dog Class

An entry-level class to learn fun tricks and earn your dog’s Novice Trick Dog title.

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Puppy Manners Class

Training, problem prevention, and play sessions to build a polite, confident, friendly puppy.

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Finishing School

Polish your dog’s manners with our Canine Good Citizen prep class. For Family Dog graduates.

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Graduate Games Class

Take your dog’s manners to the next level with our games-based class for graduates.

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We are Health conscious!

Our floors and equipment are completely sanitized before each puppy class. We also have vaccination & health care requirements in order to keep our clients healthy. These are listed in the class descriptions. You will be required to bring proof of vaccination to Orientation or send it ahead of time.

The most recent round of vaccinations must be given by a veterinarian. We cannot accept breeder or owner-administered vaccinations due to our facility’s requirements.


My dog has issues… can he attend?

Our obedience classes are family friendly and geared to teach basic manners, not to solve serious behavior problems. If your dog is fearful of or aggressive toward other dogs or people, please enroll into private training. If your dog is reactive to other dogs on leash, we do have a group option for you:

Woofy Dog Manners Class

Leash manners & polite behavior for dogs who bark and lunge at other dogs on leash.

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