In-Home Dog/Child Consultations

We Specialize in Family

Pregnant? New baby? Toddler bouncing off the family pup?

Do you need help transitioning your dog from furkid to family dog?

Family integration consulting is for you!

Family Integration Consulting

In-home consultations are available for each of these topics. We help you assess your situation and provide you with professional guidance so that you can make the best possible choices for your family.

Learn important information on preparing your dog for a baby, dog and child safety, and making decisions on having a family pet.


  • Babies & Dogs
  • Toddlers & Dogs
  • Choosing a Family Dog
  • Deciding to Re-home

Family Integration Programs

If you feel like you need more help, we can create a custom family integration program to walk you through your preparation or problem solving.  We offer hands-on help with child  & dog household management, training new behaviors that will help your family live in peace, and resolving unwanted behaviors.

Programs begin at 4 sessions in length. Each family is unique and we will mold an educational and training program to your needs.


  • Welcoming Baby
  • Life With a Toddler

Family Integration

1.5 hour consultation: $150

4-lesson program: $350

8-lesson program: $625

For more information on family integration sessions: