Latchkey Training

Busy life?

Are you constantly rushing between work, family commitments, grocery shopping, and volunteering, while your dog waits at home?

Does there never seem to be enough time in the day for training?

Latchkey training is for you!

What is latchkey training?

We begin with an initial in-home consultation to meet you and your pets, introduce you and your dog to our training techniques, and develop a personalized training program. After the consult, your trainer will come to your home and train your dog for you for several lessons. You do not need to be present, so this is perfect for busy professionals or for stay at home parents with their hands full.

You are welcome to watch if you want to, but during latchkey sessions we focus exclusively on your dog, not teaching you how to train.  For hands-on learning please consider our in-home manners lessons.

You will receive access to a private blog with pictures and session reports to update you on your dog’s progress* , and you will attend one coaching session per three latchkey sessions so that you can learn how to use your dog’s new skills.

*Leash walking-only students will not receive a blog; for your dog’s safety we keep our hands on the leash, not a camera! Instead you will receive email updates.

Why choose latchkey training?


We train while you are out! You will literally come home to a better behaved dog.   You can choose daytime, evening, or weekend appointments based on your schedule.


Our excellent training skills have been developed over years of experience with hundreds of dogs, training many different breeds and personalities to competition level behavior. We are able to quickly assess your dog, select the best training techniques for him, and get the job done.


We maintain your key & home access information in a secure location and check in through phone, email or text when we arrive and leave. Our business is owner operated and your home, belongings and pets will always be secure with us. As an extra layer of protection, we are also insured and bonded.

What will my dog learn?

Latchkey sessions are best for teaching obedience skills and basic manners or solving specific, technically difficult problems like nail trimming or food bowl guarding. We are happy to talk with you and assess whether your dog is a good candidate for latchkey work.


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Latchkey Training

Meet & Greet, Training Demo, & Key Transfer appointment: free with package purchase

($50 deposit that is applied to package fee)

4-lesson package (Including one Coaching session): $350

8-lesson package (Including two Coaching sessions): $625

12-lesson package (Including three Coaching sessions): $875

20-lesson package (Including five Coaching sessions): $1350

Not sure what we can do with each number of sessions? You can review our In-Home Manners School page for examples of  what we can teach in various training packages. Pricing and packages for latchkey remain as stated on this page and must be purchased in sets of 4 to allow for owner transfer lessons.

To sign up for latchkey, you can click below to purchase the meet & greet, and we’ll get in touch to schedule your appointment. If you’d like to schedule first and then register, call or email us to arrange your appointment, and we will hold a spot for 48 hours to give you time to register.

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*Mileage Fees apply for house calls outside of the Wichita metro area.  Fees are $10/visit for clients 20-40 miles from the 135/Kellogg interchange and $20/visit for clients 40-60 miles from the 135/Kellogg interchange.*