Behavior Consulting

Dog behavior problems?

Is your dog’s behavior frustrating or concerning you?  

Do you need help resolving issues such as aggression to people or other dogs, fear and anxiety, or other serious problems?

(for distress or destruction when your dog is left alone, please see our separate page on separation anxiety)

Behavior Consulting is for you!


Effective Solutions

Your trainer will visit your home, help you discover the root of the problem, and develop a step by step plan to address the behavior issue.

We will teach you how to change the environment, change your family’s routines, and train desirable behaviors to help you and your dog live together happily.

Packages are highly recommended for success with behavior issues, but if you are limited for financial reasons, we will work with you to develop a single session that covers the most important changes to make, and offer additional resources.

Ongoing Support

After your initial consultation, you will receive a written report about the problem behavior. This will include a summary of the behavior issue, our assessment of why the behavior may be occurring, any immediate changes to the household or routine that need to be made, and a recommendation for training options to resolve the behavior.

We will also develop goals with you and write a behavior modification plan for your dog.  We then offer hands on assistance with the plan with ongoing in-home training. Your trainer will work with you to determine an appropriate package for your needs.

Will it really work? My dog is impossible!

We have had success with dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes!  We have years of experience and the most efficient behavior change techniques in the industry. Plus, a history of happy clients!

“You really do have a gift for working with dogs. Finally, I feel like we can take a walk and not be “that dog” in the neighborhood.  I know we must continue his training and so appreciate the weekly reviews and the instructions.” – Woofy Dog Manners program graduate

But Can you guarantee you’ll fix my dog?

Actually, no. Offering a guarantee is a red flag if you are searching for a dog trainer. It is unethical to guarantee training results, and therefore it is against the code of conduct of several of our professional organizations, including the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.

Why is offering a behavior guarantee unethical?

Behavior Consulting

Initial Consultation: $150/1.5 hours & behavior modification plan development

4-lesson package: $350

8-lesson package: $625

12-lesson package: $875

20-lesson package: $1350

For more information on problem behavior consulting:

*Mileage Fees apply for house calls outside of the Wichita metro area.  Fees are $10/visit for clients 20-40 miles from the 135/Kellogg interchange and $20/visit for clients 40-60 miles from the 135/Kellogg interchange.*

Please note that the number of sessions needed to resolve behavior issues depends on:

  • the quantity and complexity of the behavior problems
  • owner compliance to the program
  • the dog’s genetic background and past experiences

Due to these factors we provide professional assessment, information, and training but we cannot guarantee specific results.

For more information on the ethics of dog behavior consulting please see the APDT Code of Professional Ethids or contact us directly.